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One of the primary inspections performed by buyers while in escrow is the home inspection.  The purpose of this inspection is to assess the structural integrity of the home and the condition of the basic systems including roof, plumbing, eclectic, HVAC, etc.  The report also addresses minor items such as leaky faucets, cosmetics imperfections, chipped counter tiles, electrical outlet covers, to name a few.  The final report can be overwhelming as it includes imperfections along with major concerns. Even homes in good condition can read like a train wreck in a home inspection report. A great inspector can navigate buyers through the findings so they can make a truly informed decision about the property and determine those items that warrant being addressed, and those that do not. One of the best home inspectors I have had the opportunity to work with is Jay O’Brien with O’Brien Building Inspections. Inc. Not only is Jay extremely thorough, he is quite adept at putting findings into perspective so that buyers can make an informed decision when it counts the most. See what Jay thinks is important in finding the right home inspector:jay obrien

“A professional inspection from O’Brien Building Inspections will enable you to know the condition of the property that you’re purchasing, allowing you to make sound decisions and get peace of mind. We provide our buyers and sellers with experience and professionalism.

Our clients receive professional inspections, easy-to-read computer-generated reports and excellent customer service. We offer confidential service for high-profile clients.  Count on us for thorough and discreet home inspection services.”

Visit his website for more information.

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