Top 10 House Staging Tips


Once you have made the decision to sell your home, it is time to start preparing the property for market. To get top dollar and make your home most attractive to the widest audience, I highly recommend a few steps before getting photos. The goal is to maximize curb appeal, minimzie clutter and address maintenance issues that would concern most buyers. So let’s take a look at a few staging tips to get your home looking the best it can!

  1. Hide/Consolidate Clutter – Have a garage sale or donate things you won’t need in your next home. If you have made the decision to sell, it is time to start de-cluttering with the added benefit of making your home show better to potential buyers.
  2. Take down most personal photos – buyers want to envision themselves in your home. If you have a wall full of family photos, pick one or two you can’t live without and pack the rest.
  3. Do the dishes – kitchens are top selling points. Make sure your kitchen is clean, smells fresh and is well lit.
  4. Clean Counters – Remove all personal items from bathroom counters, except a single item (soap, candle, etc). Remove as much as possible from kitchen counters except for a few strategically placed items.
  5. Refrigerator – Take all magnets and personal effects off your refrigerator. Regardless what finish appliances you have, they will look better without them.
  6. Organize and tidy up your closets – buyers will look in them and based on how tidy your closets are may represent how well a buyer thinks you’ve kept up other areas of the home.
  7. Have pets? Ask a friend to give you an honest opinion of whether it smells like Fido and if so, take measures to mitigate those smells. Candles, flowers, or a boiled pot of orange peel and cinnamon will give off a better impression than pet odor.
  8. 10 Best – Make a list ofyour 10 favorites things about the house and leave it for buyers. Talk about the neighborhood, highlights of the area, or features of the home that you’ve had the best memories.
  9. Landscaping – Remove any dead or dying plants from your house, and cut back overgrown vegetation around the outside. Most buyers don’t want to feel like they’ll need to pull weeds or maintain the landscaping every weekend. 
  10. Rearrange and minimize furniture – make your home a welcoming space for potential buyers and consider removing any unnecessary furniture to help with the home’s flow. Large items around the edge of a room can make the room feel smaller compared to a few strategically placed items.

Now that we’ve talked staging, here are a few samples of professionally staged, homeowner staged and broker lightly staged listings that we’ve had the chance to sell this year. Have questions – let’s chat. Call Graham at 805-459-1865.

Professionally staged property sold in 2019 at 2907 Cottage Lane, Paso Robles
Homeowner staged property sold in 2019 at 1282 Vista Del Lago, San Luis Obispo
Broker staged property sold in 2019 at 528 Hathway Avenue, San Luis Obispo
Homeowner staged property sold in 2019 at 477 Ramona Drive, San Luis Obispo
Broker staged property sold in 2019 at 3860 S. Higuera, San Luis Obispo
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